The Star and Garter is one of Manchester’s most-loved live music venues.

Set in an over 200-years old former hotel, the Star and Garter has hosted some of Manchester’s longest running club nights, including SMILE and The Smiths and Morrissey Disco, as well as confidently claiming to be the home of punk music in the city.

The Northern Hub rail expansion has placed the future of the Star and Garter in doubt. Finding itself in the middle of two major construction sites, the venue has been left with no alternative but to close its doors during the three years of planned construction works, and may then stay shut  forever.

In December 2014, Landlord Andy Martin was handed notice of a Compulsory Purchase Order, cementing the widespread fear that the Star and Garter will soon be no more.

This documentary follows the Star and Garter as it faces its final hours, encountering the locals that have been coming for decades, the fledgling bands that will lose one of the last venues supporting grassroots musicians in the city and a slice of Manchester’s industrial and cultural heritage.