A quiet day of filming

'Crew get access... explosive soundbites...and then tea.'
‘Crew get access… explosive soundbites… tea…’ (photo: Iris Cartia)

We’re back with more Behind the Scenes beats.

Thursday was a quiet day for us. We shot further clips with Andy and had a chat with Ian just after he had finished up some work before that night’s gig.

Ian is a good talker. He thinks MCR could do more to save at least some of its greatest pubs.
Ian is a good talker. He thinks MCR could do more to save at least some of its greatest pubs. (Photo: Iris Cartia)

Ian is a great character and a good talker. I guess this wasn’t his first interview. He gave us some insight into the history of the Star and Garter and shared his honest opinion about the Council’s efforts to keep some of that legendary MCR pub culture going (it wasn’t a particularly upbeat opinion).

Light these walls if you can.
Light these walls if you can. (Photo: Iris Cartia)

It always amazes me how challenging it can be to film at this location even during the day. I guess we need a special ‘passenger announcement filter’ plugin for Adobe Audition when we edit this together. One can only wonder how this neighborhood will sound with high-speed bullet trains whizzing past Northern Hub. Now, Ian was not the first interviewee to use the word ‘cathedral-like’ to describe the venue. There is some truth to this – it’s as if the walls and the ceiling sucked in light in massive quantities – and the dark ceilings add some Hitchcockian edge to it. I am glad we have lights (and that I am not left alone there in the dark).

Oh yes, the lights… the hauling of which has totally wrecked my back for a couple of days. Going to pee on all fours whilst singing this. Nevermind. Filmmaking takes sacrifice.

Dom, our new crew member!
Dom, our new crew member! (Photo: Iris Cartia)

And then, as the M.E.N. headline would shout, ‘Crew gets access to landlord’s house as landlord makes brew and dramatic confessions’ we entered Andy’s house and took some pictures. We documented his kitchen big time.

We also watched as he typed up a letter to the Council. It was a nice letter.

Bits and bobs, again. Video evidence to follow once director is able to stand on his feet again and drag himself in front of an editing machine. Bear with us until then!

3 thoughts on “A quiet day of filming

  1. Hi folks , you interviewed outside at the last Morrissey /smiths , but had to curtail it as your battery went dead !! Will you use any of it or shall we catch up next time?


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