Let’s Make This Precious – our first shots at a club night

We started shooting our party scenes at the Star & Garter last Friday. Let’s Make This Precious, an indie-soul-post punk club night (created by Fergal Kinney and Oliver Brown) seemed like an ideal start for us to test our gear in the low-light–high-spirit environment that is the Star & Garter on a Friday.

We interviewed the night’s hosts Fergal and Oliver who kindly allowed us to hover around them with our camera and film the prepping act behind the decks. Then, they went about their business spinning great records for a slowly gathering crowd.

Oliver Brown and Fergal Kinney talking about the future of the Star & Garter.
Oliver Brown and Fergal Kinney talking about the future of the Star & Garter.

As they did so, we went on to see what people had to say about the past, present and (the rather uncertain) future the Star and Garter – something we will keep asking clubbers in the coming months.

If you have a great story to tell about the place, look out for the guy with the flurry mic next Friday.

In short, we loved our first party filming – despite some of our gadgets giving in to Murphy’s law and an earlier-than-planned exit (thanks to weird night transport in this ‘Northern Powerhouse’). We got some good stuff though.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also kicked off our portrait photo project. It’s like this: you come to the little side room next to Gents on the ground floor and you can have your portrait photo taken by Iris, our fantastic production photographer. You can come in any attire, bring along party memorabilia or a quote from your fav band’s lyrics. Once our film is done we will arrange an exhibition and build a neat online gallery too.

Next time, we will roll at the Smiths Disco on 6th February. See you there!

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